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Everything important in life comes with manuals, except that which is most important – people. The human body is more complicated than the latest technology and has more moving components than even the most advanced machines. In spite of this, we enter the world without any instructions or guidelines.

That doesn’t seem right, does it?

It would be difficult to create a manual encompassing all facets of being a human, but Dr. Kevin Sunshein has something for you that covers some key parts – your lower limbs. Feet and ankles are frequently taken for granted, yet we use them to take us wherever we want to go. This means keeping your lower limbs healthy is essential for overall health and wellbeing. Now, if only there was a guide to foot and ankle health…

Wait a second, there is! Dr. Sunshein’s The Foot Stops Here: A User’s Guide to Foot and Ankle Health provides seriously useful information on common foot problems and what can be done about them. Even better, it’s completely FREE! Just take a moment right now, fill out the form below, and your free, no-strings-attached copy will be on its way.

Dr. Kevin Sunshein and his team at Sunshein Podiatry Associates are dedicated to providing exceptional, comprehensive podiatric care—and a pleasant, unparalleled office experience—for patients who suffer from foot and ankle problems.

Dr. Sunshein’s ability to deliver outstanding results for his patients starts with a talent for quickly and accurately diagnosing the root cause of problems, and then creating custom treatment plans. Sunshein Podiatry Associates boasts a number of advanced and state-of-the-art nonsurgical treatment options, and Dr. Sunshein is also board-certified and highly-experienced in foot and ankle surgery (for when surgical procedures are needed).

If you live in the greater Dayton community and are experiencing pain or difficulty in your feet or ankles, contact Dr. Sunshein’s Centerville, OH office by calling (937) 435-7477. Request an appointment today so you can put foot pain behind you and return to your favorite activities!


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