Lapiplasty 3D Bunion Correction

If you see a bump sticking out of the side of your toe, it might be a bunion. Bunions are commonbut painfuland can prevent you from doing your regular activities. Learn about what bunions are, how to treat them, and the benefits of Lapiplasty, a new approach to bunion surgery.

What is a bunion?

A bunion is often thought of as a simple bump on the side of the toe, but it’s more complicated than that. The bump that you see is a bone that has shifted out of place because of an unstable joint in the middle of the toe. It’s painful, making it difficult to walk, and it will continue to get progressively worse without the type of bunion treatment that you can receive at Sunshein Podiatry Associates.

What is the Lapiplasty Procedure?

The Lapiplasty Procedure is a type of bunion surgery that treats the root cause of a bunion. It secures the joint in the middle of the toe and realigns the bones so that they’re straight and supportive. The procedure aims to balance the muscles around the joint to prevent the bunion from coming back.

You may experience these benefits after getting the Lapiplasty Procedure:

  • Pain relief
  • Pressure relief
  • Future bunion prevention
  • Toe alignment
  • Improved balance and a stronger foot
  • Ability to walk and participate in activities

How is it different from a bunionectomy?

A bunionectomy eliminates the cosmetic deformity without addressing the root problem. After giving you a local or general anesthetic, your doctor makes two incisions and pulls out small parts of the bone. The toe is moved to its proper place by cutting the bone and setting it, and then it’s held together by screws or pins, so the bunion is no longer visible.

The Lapiplasty Procedure resolves the issue with a more three-dimensional strategy. A specially trained surgeon uses advanced surgical technology to shift the entire bone into its proper place and balances the muscles around the joint. The joint is secured with titanium plates to give it stability and get you back on your feet sooner.

How quickly can you recover?

You’ll recover gradually after the Lapiplasty Procedure, and you can expect to regain foot function in stages. Within a few days of the bunion treatment, you can start putting weight on your foot. In four to six weeks, you may be able to walk, if you’re wearing a special boot for support. In six to eight weeks, you may be able to wear normal, comfortable shoes. In four to six months, you can expect to wear your regular shoes and complete all your normal daily tasks.

Need help with bunions? Contact us today!

Bunion surgery is the only way to stop your bunions from getting worse. Contact Sunshein Podiatry Associates today to take the first step, and request an appointment for the Lapiplasty Procedure.

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