Swift Therapy for Plantar Warts

Are you currently dealing with uncomfortable, unsightly, or painful plantar warts that simply won’t go away? Have you tried several different treatment options yet been disappointed with the results every time? Well, you may not know this, but very popular methods such as salicylic acid and cryotherapy are often ineffective in the treatment of warts.

 Sometimes, they can even damage your skin! Now, with a newer therapy that has recently hit the market, you can say goodbye to harmful, frustrating, and annoying treatments that haven’t worked for you. Say hello to Swift therapy.

 Plantar warts can often be difficult to remove because of the way the virus invades the skin. This makes plantar warts very resistant to treatment. However, with Swift therapy, you can get back to living the life you deserve without the hassle of a plantar wart.

 This method has a massive 83% success rate which is higher than any other form of treatment. In just one to three sessions, many patients see their warts disappear completely. Continue reading to learn more about why Swift is an excellent choice for you.

What Is Swift Therapy?

Swift therapy is performed by a medical device known as SWIFT. It emits a targeted microwave signal into the skin that works to eradicate verrucae, warts, and papillomas. The microwave signal is set to a specific depth that ensures that only the wart is treated.

 During the treatment, a process known as Heat Shock occurs. This is what happens when a wart releases specific proteins into the circulatory system. This then triggers the immune system to register the source of HP Virus infection.

 It is then fought off.

How Does Swift Therapy Work?

Swift laser therapy uses microwave therapy to specifically target and destroy plantar warts. Here’s how it works in 3 steps:

  • Step 1- Warts form only a few millimeters under the skin. This makes them hard to reach and treat. However, Swift gets there immediately to target the root cause of the wart. It delivers microwave therapy energy directly into the affected tissue without causing any damage to the skin and surrounding area.

  • Step 2- Swift can be adjusted to focus on a defined depth and area. They can generate thermal energy that heats the tissue and triggers a state of stress in the infected cells. The heat itself causes a release of signaling proteins that alert your body’s immune system to fight the virus.

·  Step 3- After your Swift therapy treatment, your body will be able to recognize and eliminate any infected skin cells. This allows new, healthy cells to regenerate and your skin will return to normal.

Is Swift Therapy Effective?

Swift therapy has an impressive 83% success rate. It is currently the best wart treatment available! With Swift therapy, you can enjoy:

  • No home aftercare
  • Fast results
  • Single or multiple warts treated
  • Clean procedure
  • No downtime
  • Safe procedure
  • No dressings

What to Expect from Swift Therapy Treatment

With Swift therapy, you won’t feel any pain. The rapid heating of warts can cause a little bit of discomfort. Though, this only lasts for less than a second and is not painful. The temperature is only a few degrees warmer than a hot bath.

 It will not cause any tissue damage or scarring. In saying this, patients have varying levels of pain tolerance or discomfort tolerance. While most patients won’t need pain relief when they’re receiving treatment, there is the option for pain relief should you want it. Depending on how you respond to the Swift therapy treatment, you may need 3-4 treatments 4 weeks apart or less.

 Your podiatrist will be able to discuss your treatment plan with you to get the best results possible with no downtime, no self-care, and no dressings. With very few exceptions, most people can have Swift therapy treatment. Your podiatrist will ensure that an in-depth assessment is carried out before treatment to advise you of this.

 When it comes to the benefits of Swift therapy, you will enjoy treatment without dressings, no need for self-care at home, it is highly effective, and you only need a few treatments.

 Think this therapy is right for you? Get in touch today!


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