At Sunshein Podiatry Associates, our experienced podiatrists handle almost every kind of foot and ankle concern, from sports injuries to heel pain to skin and nail care. 

But we’re more than just an ordinary foot and ankle clinic. We pride ourselves on being able to go above and beyond the “standard” treatments, offering our patients many of the most cutting-edge technologies and procedures.

Some of our advanced specialties include: 

Biomechanical Evaluation, Orthotics and Whole Body Pain Relief 

Feet aren’t isolated from the rest of the body. They are your foundation. And because of this, improper foot biomechanics can lead to lifelong pain—not just in your feet, but your legs, knees, hips, and even lower back.

As a podiatry clinic that focuses heavily on biomechanics, our experience and treatments can make a real difference for our patients. We specialize in analyzing your foot structure and gait patterns, as well as giving you the tools you need to correct them. 

You could be in and out of urgent care several times per year due to chronic pain—or you could get a pair of custom orthotics from us, fix the underlying biomechanical alignment problem, and enjoy pain-free activity for years! In the long run, the right pair of orthotics will not only save you from needless pain, but save you a lot of money, too—for future procedures you aren’t going to need. 

Accelerated Healing Techniques for Pain 

Our office is equipped with the state-of-the-art Multiwave Locked System (MLS) laser. When used in conjunction with a comprehensive treatment plan, laser therapy can provide rapid pain relief and accelerated tissue healing for a wide range of painful musculoskeletal conditions—heel pain, tendinitis, sprains, strains, ulcers, and even surgical sites. In some cases, it can cut total recovery time in half. 

Laser therapy is a great choice for athletes and working people who are looking for the fastest possible recovery, as it can significantly reduce overall healing time. It also makes an excellent alternative to surgery for chronic pain conditions that haven’t responded to other treatments, and can even be paired with surgical treatment to bring rapid healing to the surgical site and reduce the risk of infection, scarring, and other complications.

Advanced Treatment to Reverse Neuropathy

Severe neuropathy can slowly rob you of your mobility, independence, and lifestyle. And for years, many have been told that not much can be done to address the pain or lack of sensation that is interfering with their daily comfort and activities.

But that has changed. Thanks to advanced and innovative electronic signal treatments available at Sunshein Podiatry Associates’ Neurogenx NerveCenter, most of our patients are not only finding relief from their symptoms but restoring nerve function and regaining lost sensation as well.

There’s real hope for reclaiming comfort and mobility from neuropathy, and we would love to tell you more. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Download Our Peripheral Neuropathy Management Guide

Having peripheral neuropathy does not mean you can’t live a healthy, active life. The more proactive you are about your self-care now, the more likely you will be able to manage pain, preserve and restore nerve function, and prevent recurring symptoms in the future.

Our free, downloadable Health and Wellness guide for Neuropathy is a great starting point for learning how to manage the condition. Click below to claim your copy.

The Foot Stop Store 

Our on-site Foot Stop Store is your one-stop destination for our highest recommended over-the-counter foot care items, all designed to facilitate treatment and recovery and aid your overall health. 

The Foot Stop Store is always well stocked with arch supports, lotions, creams, wound care products, nail care products, dietary supplements, cushions and padding, and so much more.  

Other Services and Specialties 

You can trust Sunshein Podiatry Associates to be your No. 1 destination for all foot and ankle services and specialties, including:

At Sunshein Podiatry Associates, the highest quality care and patient experience are our number one priority! To schedule an appointment with one of our podiatric physicians, please call our office today at (937) 435-7477. If you prefer, you can also complete our online contact form and we’ll follow up with you shortly thereafter to book a time. 


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