Who is Pain-Relieving MLS Laser Therapy For?

Mar 2, 2020

When it comes to matters of treating foot pain, we understand that most patients wouldn’t necessarily have “use a laser on it!” as their first or even their second consideration. But hey, life is full of surprises sometimes!

An advanced treatment such as MLS laser therapy is just one of a wide variety of treatments for foot and ankle conditions we provide at Sunshein Podiatry Associates. It might be something we recommend for your situation, and it’s far from some desperate, “pie in the sky” remedy.

MLS Laser Therapy

Why So Many Treatments? Why Even Offer Laser Therapy?

The reason we have so many treatments—including MLS laser therapy—is simple: there is rarely any one form of care that will universally work across the board.

Different conditions have different causes, and even the way we address the same condition may vary from patient to patient. Our feet are very complex organic machines, so a variety of different factors can be at play in two patients even when their symptoms appear the same on the surface.

It’s for all these different factors that we are thorough in our evaluation of every patient, including asking about your activities, goals, and how your symptoms affect your life. The more we learn about a problem, the better we can fine-tune a treatment plan to have the best overall results for a patient’s needs.

MLS laser therapy can fit into treatment plans for a number of conditions, depending on the needs involved. To better understand why, it’s important to know what it actually does.

Who Can Benefit from MLS Laser Therapy?

It is always important to keep in mind that, even though we say MLS laser therapy can be effective for a certain condition, that does not mean we will always recommend it for that condition. As we noted earlier, different cases have different factors that must be considered before recommending the best course of treatment for each patient.

That said, MLS laser therapy can be effective in treating both internal and external injuries to soft tissues. This includes the skin, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and more.

Conditions we might recommend laser therapy for include:

We might also consider MLS laser therapy as part of recovery following a surgical procedure, to help accelerate healing of the site, reduce pain and inflammation, and decrease risks of infection.

It also might not matter how long you have had pain from a condition. Even chronic sources of pain have seen favorable improvements from laser therapy, especially if it “restarts” the recovery process in that area. Even so, the sooner a problem can start to be addressed through treatment—whether that is laser therapy or some other form—the easier and more effective an experience it tends to be.

If we do recommend laser therapy, we will discuss with you our recommended length of treatment. Depending on the type or severity of the problem, more or fewer sessions may be recommended than other cases. We will also monitor the progress of treatment and discuss further options and adjustments with you accordingly.

Other forms of treatment might also be recommended in addition to laser therapy. While it can aid in recovery and healing, there may still be the initial causes of the problem to deal with. Forms of treatment such as custom orthotics, physical therapy, and others can help manage or eliminate these causes, helping to ensure that your pain doesn’t just come back in the future.



How Laser Therapy Works

Laser therapy is a form of regenerative treatment. This means it works by harnessing the body’s own natural processes for healing, without the addition of drugs or invasive procedures.

MLS therapy sends specific frequencies and wavelengths of light energy into the site of cellular damage. This can have several positive effects:

  • Cellular repair is stimulated. Cells engage further into their repair processes. This can accelerate repairs that are already being conducted, and even re-ignite repair processes that may have slowed or stopped.
  • Blood flow to the area is increased. This brings cells more of the nutrients and growth factors they need to conduct repairs. In many cases, the stimulation can cause the formation of new capillaries, a natural reaction that can reach more cells more efficiently in the area.
  • Immune functions are improved. The light energy stimulates immunoglobulins and lymphocytes, which serve to protect damaged areas.
  • Inflammation and pain are reduced. Increased blood flow also means increased carrying away of fluid from an area, resulting in reduced swelling. Natural pain-relief measures can also be stimulated.

Laser therapy is conducted over a course of several weeks, with each individual session taking about 20 minutes. The procedure itself is completely painless. There is no burning; only a sense of warmth reported by some patients.

The effects of laser therapy also stack, meaning that relief felt from the procedure will grow stronger and more effective with each successive treatment.

Patient getting laser treatment

Pinpoint the Source of Your Trouble

MLS laser therapy has a proven track record, and we’re proud to offer it as part of our array of treatments. Whether it is the right one for you or a loved one depends on many things, but one thing is certain right now: not taking the step to get the care you need never got anyone anywhere!

Don’t wait on your foot and ankle troubles any longer. Schedule an appointment with our Centerville podiatry office by calling (937) 435-7477. If you prefer to contact us electronically instead, simply fill out our online contact form and a member of our staff will respond to you during our normal office hours.


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