How Laser Therapy May Save You Hassle Before OR After Surgery

Nov 10, 2020

Let’s set this straight from the start: This is not an article about performing surgery with a laser.

What we want to discuss here instead is the potential of using Multiwave Locked System (MLS) laser therapy as a way of making the experience of surgery better: either by improving or accelerating post-surgical recovery, or in some cases eliminating the need for surgery altogether.

While laser therapy isn’t going to be recommended for every situation, there are many circumstances in which it can make a considerable difference.

How Laser Therapy Helps with Healing

Laser therapy is a form of regenerative medicine that relies on stimulating the body’s own natural responses to benefit a patient. It does not involve drugs or invasive procedures.

In this case, MLS uses two specific wavelengths of laser energy to cause certain reactions within the site of an injury that can relieve pain, reduce swelling, and quicken recovery:

  • Cellular activity (metabolism) is “kick-started,” meaning processes such as repairs are performed faster and/or more frequently.
  • Blood flow to the target site is increased, providing more nutrients, growth factors, and other necessities for cells to perform their jobs. Increased blood flow can also carry away more excess fluid, helping to reduce swelling.
  • Pain transmission is interfered with, resulting in increased comfort.

The best results of laser therapy are not instant. The positive effects accrue over successive laser therapy sessions – typically scheduled over several weeks – with a patient frequently experiencing better and better results over time. 

How Laser Therapy May Save You Hassle Before OR After Surgery

Laser Therapy to Shorten Post-Surgical Recovery

MLS laser therapy can also help accelerate the healing of wounds. This can be highly important when wanting to reduce infection risks of diabetic wounds, but the same effects can benefit post-operative healing as well.

Surgical incisions, while highly controlled, are still technically a form of wound to the body. MLS laser therapy can help these wounds heal faster and more comfortably. Not only does this help reduce potential complications, but the time you need until you are cleared for increased activity could be shortened as well.

In addition to the surface incision, any internal tissues that were impacted by the surgery can also potentially benefit from pain relief and increased cellular repair as well.

Regardless of whether laser therapy or other forms of regenerative medicine are incorporated into a post-surgical recovery plan, it still remains extremely important to follow all instructions and guidelines as closely as possible. Laser therapy is not a ticket to invincibility, and it would certainly not do anyone any good for all of the progress of recovery to be undone by acts that cause infection or extra damage.

Laser Therapy to Avoid the Need for Surgery

Surgery is usually only reserved for foot and ankle conditions that don’t respond well to more conservative methods of treatment. In other words, potential steps such as stretching, orthotics, changes in footwear or other methods have not led to the increases in comfort and/or mobility you were hoping for.

Why might we expect laser therapy to make a difference, then? Because it can work in ways that other treatments can’t.

For some cases – more often those involving lasting pain – trouble persists because the body has essentially “given up” on the healing process. Perhaps the cells don’t have enough of the resources they need to make progress, or the trouble has lasted so long that the healing response has pretty much stalled out.

The “kickstart” of metabolism we discussed earlier may effectively restart the healing process in situations such as these, and provide a boost to blood flow that makes it more effective as well. 

If we can heal your injury and relieve your symptoms without subjecting you to surgery and the necessary recovery period afterward, we will certainly consider that route first. These choices greatly depend on various factors, however, including your age, medical history, lifestyle, activity levels, and personal goals.

What is Your Best Path to Lasting Relief?

When you come to us for help with a foot or ankle condition, we will always take the time to thoroughly evaluate the circumstances, both through a physical examination and talking with you to better understand how your symptoms are affecting your life. Only after we have all this information in hand will we make our recommendations for a treatment plan that best suits your needs.

Whether that plan includes MLS laser therapy, other methods, or even surgery, you will always have the opportunity to discuss your options with us and find answers to any questions you have. We will only start with a treatment plan when you have all the knowledge you need to comfortably move forward with it.

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