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From sports injuries to nerve pain to children's foot care, our office provides patients with information to make informed decisions about their podiatric health. Please feel free to browse our library of updated articles.
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  • Frozen Raspberry Tart Chocolate and raspberry together! How could you say no to this delightful culinary combination?
  • Grilled Tangy Beef Skewers Papaya, lemon, and lime juices to give these kabobs their subtly sweet flavor. Alternate beef strips with mini sweet peppers for a delicious protein with just 6 grams of carb per serving. Serve with grilled asparagus or quinoa.
  • Tomato and Kale Pesto Pasta Healthy kale is the delicious secret ingredient in this diabetic pasta recipe, adding fiber to this nutrient rich basil-garbanzo pesto sauce.
  • Greek Feta Burgers Fire up the grill or just fry in a skillet. Feta, cucumber sauce, and spinach give these lean burgers lots of flavor.
  • Braised Herb Chicken How would you like to take a just few minutes to prepare a quick, easy and healthy dinner? This is the meal for you. While it simmers, your house will smell amazing.
  • Spinach and Mushroom Stuffed Chicken This high protein dish looks difficult to prepare but it's actually very easy and elegant. Serve it for guests or on a busy weeknight.
  • Spinach Yogurt Dip Who doesn't love spinach dip? Now you can make it guilt free with this low calorie recipe and serve with cut up veggies for a healthy snack.
  • Citrus Grilled Shrimp A light and easy dish, this grilled shrimp offers a lot of refreshing citrus flavors. This would be great with a side like cauliflower rice.
  • Taco Salad This lighter, healthier version of classic Southwestern dish is sure to become a family favorite.. It’s delicious and such a fast-to-fix meal on busy weeknights.
  • Italian Pasta Salad It won't be long before you need a pasta salad recipe for a social gathering. Why not take a dish that is delicious and healthy for everyone that attends