Hear from Our Patients

At Sunshein Podiatry Associates, our commitment is to providing the best in advice and treatment to our patients. Our reputation relies on the happiness of our patients, and we celebrate every success.
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  • Very professional, helpful and friendly practice

    All the nurses, techs, and doctors that I have seen at Sunshein Podiatry are very professional and helpful in any way they can be! Its was nice to go to a doctor's office where everyone including the gals in the front are Friendly! My treatment is still an ongoing process but I believe that Dr. Sunshein provided the best plan of action to get my feet to where they need to be and it will happen over time! Thank You Dr. Sunshein and all the nurses and techs that have worked with me, I greatly appreciate it!

    Patricia Ball
  • With radial pulse therapy (RPT), I was able to get that muscle on my heel that was actually numb to start to heal itself again.

    I had a lot of pain.  I had injured my heel over several years by being a musician and working and walking all day on concrete floors, never giving my heel a chance to heal.  With RPT treatment and therapy I was able to turn the corner that I wasn't able to do on my own or with just orthotics. Now I can go for long walks, shopping with my wife or just walking around for a night of entertainment.  I would, and have recommended this office.  I think the staff is very nice, helpful and sincere.   I feel like they really chased down my real issue and got to the bottom of it very quickly.  I love this place!  Bart F - Kettering, Ohio      

    Bart F - Kettering Ohio
  • I was able to sleep at night!

    I came to Neurogenx looking for some immediate relief for the severe pain I was having in my feet and toes. After the first couple of treatments I was able to sleep at night without being awoken by the pain in my feet. I would say I’m already 50-60% better than I was on the first day.

    M. Alsip
  • I can feel my feet when I walk.

    When I came to Neurogenx, my feet were numb and my balance was real bad….as far as the numbness is concerned, it is definitely a lot better. I can feel my feet when I walk. I can even tell cold versus hot and tile versus carpet. And I can feel my gas pedal now, which I couldn’t feel for a couple of years.

    E. Gereben