Hear from Our Patients

At Sunshein Podiatry Associates, our commitment is to providing the best in advice and treatment to our patients. Our reputation relies on the happiness of our patients, and we celebrate every success.
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  • I was able to sleep at night!

    I came to Neurogenx looking for some immediate relief for the severe pain I was having in my feet and toes. After the first couple of treatments I was able to sleep at night without being awoken by the pain in my feet. I would say I’m already 50-60% better than I was on the first day.

    M. Alsip
  • I can feel my feet when I walk.

    When I came to Neurogenx, my feet were numb and my balance was real bad….as far as the numbness is concerned, it is definitely a lot better. I can feel my feet when I walk. I can even tell cold versus hot and tile versus carpet. And I can feel my gas pedal now, which I couldn’t feel for a couple of years.

    E. Gereben