September 2018 Newsletter

September 2018 Newsletter 





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Sports Injuries Can Happen and We Can Help!



Sports Injuries

Classes are back in session and your child or teen is back on the practice field trying to be the best in their sport. Nearly any type of sporting activity has the potential for injury to the foot or ankle.  You can’t always prevent an injury, but by talking with your young athlete and by making smart choices about how often they play, you give them the best possible chance to enjoy a lifetime of healthy, active sports participation. 

We successfully treat sports injuries at Sunshein Podiatry Associates for patients of all ages. The sooner you get an injury assessed and treated, the quicker you can start the healing process and avoid it turning into a chronic condition. 

Some common lower extremity sports injuries we treat are ankle/foot sprains, Achilles tendon injuries, contusions, abrasions/blisters, fractures and overuse injuries:

Common Causes of Sports Injuries

  • Collisions                                                       
  • Impact                                                            
  • Overuse                                                          
  • Stops and Twists                                            
  • Improper Equipment/Shoes
  • Insufficient Rest
  • Improper Technique
  • Different Types of Terrain
  • Falls

Here are some ways to prevent sport injuries in teens and children:

  • Make sure they wear the appropriate shoes for their specific sport and that they are correctly sized. 
  • Encourage them to try a variety of sports or activities to avoid overuse injuries. 
  • Don’t overload them by playing on more than one team at a time.
  • Encourage them not to ignore what their bodies are telling them – Pain is never normal!

Ice and rest can be helpful for many sports injuries, but sometimes a prompt visit to our office can help you avoid further damage to your foot or ankle.

When should you call for a podiatry appointment with us if you have a foot or ankle sports injury?

  • Bruising or bleeding at the site of an injury
  • Extreme swelling
  • Difficulty walking
  • Persistent or extreme pain

If your teen experiences a sports injury, we may also be able to treat them with our MLS Therapy Laser to help them heal more quickly and get back to playing their favorite sport. It reduces inflammation and swelling and promotes quicker healing which means a faster return to sports activities.

If you or your child experience a lower extremity sports injury, we can help.  We can often see emergency injuries the same day during the week.  Call (937)435-7477 for an appointment.


MLS Therapy Laser


Sunshein Podiatry Associates is committed to staying on the forefront of medical developments and technologies. A major example of this—and one we are quite proud to offer you—is the Multiwave Locked System (MLS) laser treatment we provide for an array of lower extremity injuries. Depending on your case, we may recommend this technology to treat the soft tissue injury causing you pain, discomfort, or impairing your ability to do your favorite activities.

If you are experiencing painful lower extremity symptoms from sprains, strains, or other conditions that cause inflammation, laser therapy might be what you need.



Shoes 4 the Shoeless New Socks and Gym Shoe Drive


We will continue our new children sock and gym shoes drive at our practice for Shoes 4 the Shoeless, a local non-profit that provides new socks and gym shoes for underprivileged children in the Miami Valley. The new shoes and socks this great  organization provides are often the first new pair of shoes these children have ever received. They are often wearing shoes two sizes too small or held together w\ith duck tape or worse. There is a basket in the waiting room for sock donations and/or you can give our front desk $10 cash or check made out to Shoes 4 the Shoeless which will purchase one new pair of gym shoes for a child in need. We will make sure they get all donations. Our patients have been very generous so far but we really want to promote this so we can truly provide more shoes for more children in our area that need them so desperately. You can check out more details about this great organization on our website at You may also donate directly to their website at