Patient Information Center

New Patients (Required Forms)

We welcome new patients! To expedite your appointment check-in, completing the following forms ahead of time will speed up the process. Please complete, print, and sign the required documents. Bring these with you to your first appointment so we can serve you better.

Patient Podiatric Registration and History

Registration + History (open + complete information + save [your record] + print + sign)
This form set as a fillable PDF format on your computer, not the Internet. You can print and complete OR fill-in on screen and print before your office visit. Please print and bring a hard copy with you to your appointment.

NOTE: The form is not configured with the e-mail option. For security and HIPPA ComplianceNEVER transmit or e-mail personal, financial, or medical information through non-secure connections on the Internet.

Form Package of Notices / Acknowledgments

Forms Package(3 pages - read + print + sign)
Privacy Practices Acknowledgment,
24 Hour Cancellation Policy Acknowledgment and 
Financial Policy Acknowledgment

Sunshein Privacy Practices Notice (read)