MLS Laser Therapy: Frequently Asked Questions

What is laser therapy? How does it work?

Laser therapy uses light energy to reduce pain and aid in healing tissue. Energy penetrates deeply into damaged cells, increasing their activity. Exposure to the laser can help cells within tendons, ligaments, and muscles repair themselves.

What is MLS? How is it different than other forms of laser therapy?

MLS stands for “Multi-Wave Locked System.” It is a laser therapy technology that uses a combination of two wavelengths to produce beneficial results to areas of soft tissue injury. Whereas one direct laser wavelength acts quickly on inflammation, it is not as effective at reducing pain. The secondary wavelength of MLS, however, has a more immediate effect on pain by interfering with the neural transmission of pain to the higher brain centers. In short, one wavelength of MLS Therapy specializes in reducing inflammation, the other in reducing pain.

What conditions does MLS Therapy treat?

Conditions we commonly treat with MLS Therapy include: plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, sprains, strains, arthritis, bursitis, neuromas, peripheral neuropathy, ulcers, post-surgical sites, fractures, wounds, occupational injuries, and gout.

What are the benefits of MLS Therapy?

  • Non-invasive
  • Painless
  • Drug-free
  • No known side effects
  • Rapid relief of pain and reduction of swelling
  • Rapid improvement in blood circulation in area
  • Quicker repair of surface injuries including ulcers, wounds and post operative healing
  • Timely healing of sprains & strains

What can I expect during a treatment?

A single treatment lasts only a few minutes. Some patients report a warm sensation in the area under treatment, but others report feeling nothing. There is no pain, heat, swelling, or redness.

What can I expect after treatment?

Positive results are often seen within 1-3 treatments. The average course of treatment can run from 6-12 sessions overall. Swelling is reduced and pain is rapidly relieved. Acute conditions often are resolved quickly, and chronic conditions can find long-term relief with regular treatments. The overall effects of MLS Laser Therapy build over time. That is why it is important for a full course of treatment to be run.

How many treatments are needed for results?

The first treatment begins to yield results for many patients. Treatments are cumulative, and are often delivered on a schedule of 2-3 times per week for 2-3 weeks. 6-12 treatments are needed for most conditions.  Your doctor will determine the optimum number of treatments needed for your condition.  For spains and strains it is impertative to come in as soon as possible.  Treatment needs to be administered within the first 10 days.

What advantages does MLS Therapy have over traditional low level lasers (LLLT)?

LLLTs can be attuned to reducing swelling or reducing pain, but not both effectively at the same time. MLS can achieve this via two different wavelengths that work in sync with each other. This is a patented system of synchronization that not only is engaged simultaneously, but reinforce the effects of each other.

How was MLS Therapy made and tested?

MLS Therapy was developed and tested under strict standards of biomedical research. The patented combination of wavelengths was first tested on cellular structures within in vitro cultures. It was then tested on animals, then in clinical trials run by major health organizations.