Our goal at Sunshein Podiatry Associates is to use advanced methods to effectively treat the issues that cause you pain and discomfort. Neurogenx is a prime example of our dedication to providing you with state-of-the-art solutions for your foot and ankle problems. 

More specifically, Neurogenx is an outstanding treatment tool that helps patients who suffer from the pain that frequently accompanies neuropathy (nerve damage). Even better, this particular option does more than simply manage the neuropathic condition – it even reverses the damage and restores nerve function for some patients. 

Maintaining your wellness, a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle is very important for people suffering with neuropathy.

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What is Neurogenx? 

This is an innovative method to reduce painful symptoms often experienced by patients who are dealing with neuropathy. Neurogenx combines electronic pulses and small amounts of medication to stimulate a damaged nerve while numbing a painful condition. This procedure is able to decrease pain signals and nerve swelling, improve circulation, and simultaneously create an anti-inflammatory effect. 

What Conditions Does Neurogenx Treat?

Neuropathy that comes from various root causes like chemotherapy, infections, and diabetes can be effectively treated with Neurogenx, but so too can fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, neuritis, radiculopathy, complex regional pain syndrome, and even more. 

Patients who have undergone this procedure for treatment report decreased use of narcotic pain medication, improved balance, and even better sleep. Neurogenx treatment takes away the needless waking in the middle of the night from pain and allows patients to sleep continuously for extended periods of time. It can also eliminate the fear of falling while walking that many patients who have nerve damage commonly experience. Some treated patients are even able to not only reduce, but completely give up the use of narcotic pain medications. 

How Does Neurogenx Work? 

As mentioned earlier, this treatment system uses both electrical stimulation and medication to improve impaired nerves. In addition, special balance plates used in the process allow us to record tiny shifts in bodyweight—ones that are not likely to be noticed without external help—which gives us meaningful, objective measurements so we can adjust your therapy as necessary. Essentially, this allows us to ensure that your therapy is actually working for you. 

The additional value of these recorded measurements is that we are able to understand if any balance issues are proprioceptive (concerned with body position and movement), vestibular (relating to the parts of the inner ear responsible for our sense of balance), or visual. Knowing this information is helpful in tracking your progress throughout the rehabilitation process, especially so that we can monitor and customize your treatment plan. 

Understanding Neuropathy

This particular treatment was a major advancement in the field of neuropathy care, but it can be beneficial to understanding the nature of the condition being treated. Neuropathy is an issue that arises when damaged nerves cause cramping, impaired reflexes, muscle weakness, numbness, and burning, painful sensations. There are many possible conditions for nerve damage, including genetic defects, vitamin deficiency, alcohol abuse, chemotherapy, diabetes, and assorted underlying diseases. 

When it comes to properly diagnosing the condition, we might need to use image testing (X-rays, MRIs) or order lab tests. For some patients, nerve studies or muscle biopsies are helpful in providing a clear picture as to how an affected nerve conducts signals. 

Nerve Damage Treatment in Centerville, OH

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