Stepping Into Summer with the Right Shoe Attitude!

I was in Lexington a few weeks ago with my wife for the Run the Bluegrass Marathon and was working out in the hotel gym. There were two female hotel guests also working out and discussing their running shoes. They were very excited and focused on the great deal that they had received by shopping and buying their running shoes over the Internet. Not once did they discuss value versus price. They based their shoe choice solely on price and not their foot type, shoe construction or the proper fit. There is something to be said for going to a brick and mortar store that specializes in running and exercise and having your foot properly fitted for the right shoe. You have a foot size and not a shoe size which makes this even more important. Everyone’s foot is different, and you need to look for a good fitting shoe for sports, exercise and every day wear. Buying a quality, well fit shoe can prevent many problems down the road and can even prevent foot pain or injury from occurring.

We recommend you go to the following shoe stores for advice on running or walking shoes:

1). Roderer Shoe Center

     Town & Country Shopping Center

      316 East Stroop Road

     Kettering, Ohio 45429


2). Up & Running

     Washington Square

     6123 Far Hills Ave.

     Centerville, Ohio 45459


3). Runner’s Plus

     8970 Kingsridge Drive

     Miamisburg, Ohio 45458


We also see patients with all kinds of foot and ankle problems that need more than just a good quality running shoe. Patients with biomechanical imbalances may need over the counter or custom orthotics to give them the support they need to run or exercise without pain.

Give our office a call at (937)435-7477 to schedule an appointment to address any foot or ankle pain or concerns you may be experiencing or visit our website at

Have a great summer,

Kevin F. Sunshein DPM

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