Nerve Pain Treatment Options

If you have a problem, it’s normal to try and find out what your options are for resolving it. Doing so gives you the opportunity to evaluate the various choices and determine the best course forward.

That certainly applies in so many different areas in life – but it’s especially true when we talk about health and medical considerations.

At Sunshein Podiatry Associates, we are proud to help fellow residents from the greater Dayton area (Miami Valley) understand their options. Of course, we don’t just stop there. We also create and implement treatment plans consisting of time-proven methods.

Given the complexity of feet—something most people either don’t realize or simply take for granted—there are many possible issues. One that can be particularly irritating is when you have nerve pain in the lower limbs. Fortunately, we are experienced and highly skilled in being able to identify and address the root causes for this particular problem!

Nerve Pain Treatment Options

Why You Have Nerve Pain in Your Foot

The key to effectively resolving a problem is understanding why it happens. This is the only way to make sure the root cause is being addressed. Otherwise, you may simply be masking the problem and running the risk it will either rear its ugly head again or worsen over time.

As you’re likely familiar, that situation is what’s often described as “putting a Band-Aid on a problem.”

Since we don’t want to “put a Band-Aid” on an issue as serious as nerve pain, we start with a careful diagnosis to establish exactly what is happening.

From a very broad and general perspective, the problem is often a matter of nerve tissue that has either been damaged in some way or has external pressure being placed on it. When these conditions have developed, affected nerves are unable to function in a normal manner – which is transmitting appropriate messages to and from the central nervous system (your brain and spinal cord).

Those messages relayed via healthy nerves are intended to either capture and transmit sensory experiences or to direct movement of some kind.

When nerves are unable to communicate correctly, it can lead to faulty sensations such as burning, tingling, and electrical pain. Affected individuals may have hypersensitivity or the feeling of “pins and needles.”

In a more specific context, issues within the peripheral nervous system—at least, in feet—include neuropathy (nerve damage), tarsal tunnel syndrome, and neuromas (nerve tissues that have become enlarged, thickened, and irritated).

It is worth noting that, while there are other potential sources, a leading cause of neuropathy is diabetes. This can be attributed to damage within the nervous system from elevated sugar (glucose) levels in the blood stream.

Those are some examples of conditions that bring patients in to see us for treatment – so let’s switch gears and look at options we may recommend or prescribe.

How We Treat Nerve Pain

As you will likely expect, treatment for nerve pain depends on an array of different factors. In particular, we need to consider things like the condition responsible for the pain, how severe it has become, lifestyle goals, and your overall health.

That said, common treatments for nerve pain in feet may include:

  • Shoe modifications. Changing your usual footwear from high-heeled and pointy-toed models to shoes featuring lower heels and more room in the front can take away excessive external pressure on nerves and increase comfort (while relieving symptoms). One specific situation where this is a good option is the case of Morton’s neuroma – since this develops in the ball-of-foot area, typically between the 3rd and 4th metatarsals.
  • Orthotic devices. We may prescribe orthotic therapy to redirect pressure off of an affected nerve.
  • Medication. This treatment is better for addressing symptoms than it is resolving a specific problem causing the nerve pain. Even with that being the case, topical medications, pain relievers, anti-seizure medication, and antidepressants may be able to provide the relief you need.

Any of those respective elements may be incorporated into your treatment plan, but we have one more option that has proven to be highly effective - Neurogenx Electronic Signal Treatment (EST).

Neurogenx is a state-of-the-art, non-narcotic, and restorative program that helps 4 out of every 5 patients to not only find relief, but also restore their damaged nerves back to health.

This advanced, innovative treatment combines both calibrated electronic pulses and small amounts of medication to stimulate a damaged nerve, relieving pain and restoring sensation. Neurogenx is effective in decreasing pain signals and nerve swelling, improve circulation, and simultaneously create an anti-inflammatory effect.

The overwhelming majority of patients who undergo this treatment report improved sleep, decreased or eliminated use of narcotic pain medications, and improved balance.

If you are interested in putting nerve pain in the past with Neurogenx treatment, contact our Neurogenx NerveCenter of Ohio and request your free consultation. When you do, make sure to use the codeword “My Cure” and we will set up your complimentary consultation so you can determine if this is a treatment for you.

Don't Suffer from Nerve Pain – Get Help Today!

Nerve pain is not something you have to live with – especially when you have an option like our Neurogenx NerveCenter of Ohio to solve your problem!

Of course, as we’ve noted, there are other possible options as well. No matter which elements are ultimately incorporated into your treatment plan, here is the fact of the matter:

We want you to have every opportunity in life and be comfortable doing the things you need to do.

If you have nerve pain in your lower limbs, take a moment to contact our Centerville, OH podiatrist office and at least request your free consultation. Even if you decide this isn’t the treatment you wish to pursue, you will have the opportunity to learn more and have all of your questions answered. Give us a call at (937) 435-7477 and one of our team members will be happy to help you!

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