How Neurogenx Helps Foot Health

When we talk about how Neurogenx helps foot health, we need to start by looking at a very specific kind of problem that can develop in many areas of the body, including your feet – neuropathy.Graphic of a nerve

Neuropathy is a condition of nerve damage caused by any of an array of different sources. Whereas diabetes is a major cause of this particular problem, neuropathy can also happen as the result of infections, exposure to toxins, vitamin deficiency, or as a side effect to certain medications (including chemotherapy drugs).

No matter the source, symptoms of neuropathy can include muscle weakness, cramping, impaired motor function, painful sensations (especially burning and tingling), and numbness.

Symptoms like those can make life miserable and even put you at risk for additional problems, but we do have some good news – neuropathy can be treatable. Even better, we offer an advanced option called Neurogenx that has proven to be effective at managing the condition and even restores nerve function for some patients who use this therapy.

Generally speaking, Neurogenx can help foot health by reducing and eliminating the symptoms of neuropathy. More specifically, this advanced treatment uses a combination both electrical stimulation and non-narcotic medication to initiate certain processes at the cellular level to increase nerve metabolism, alter Ph levels, reduce swelling, and remove excess fluids and biological waste products. These changes relieve pain and help the healing process begin.

The electrical stimulation further aids in increased circulation, which allows the body to provide a strong supply of the nutrients needed for optimal nerve recovery. This advanced therapy helps 4 out of 5 patients regain motor and sensory nerve function, along with a decrease in neuropathic pain.

Now, we know this might sound too good to be true, and you could be wondering “But is it safe?” Well, we are happy to let you know it absolutely is. This procedure has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is the governmental agency responsible for ensuring the safety of all medical equipment (in addition to, obviously, food and drug products).

We have been able to treat many patients who were suffering from neuropathy symptoms – and we did so without needing to use surgical intervention!

If nerve problems in your lower limbs respond to more traditional methods, you might not need this particular treatment. In the event other options aren’t working, however, this advanced therapy could prove to be exactly what you need.

To request your appointment with our Centerville office or learn more about our Neurogenx NerveCenter of Ohio, simply call (937) 435-7477 and we will be glad to help!

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