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A lot of choices we make in life can have big effects on our feet and ankles. Our blog looks at ideal practices for lower limb care, as well as what to do if you happen to develop aches, pains, or other conditions.
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  • If You Give a Rat a Toe... Gary Mabbutt, former English soccer star encounters a serious rat injury and is unaware due to peripheral neuropathy and diabetes. How can this happen?
  • Nerve Pain Treatment Options Whenever you have a problem in life, you need to understand the root cause if you want to find an effective solution. Having nerve pain in a foot is an example of a problem you definitely want to have solved. Fortunately, the team at Sunshein Podiatry Associates has been able to provide treatment for many patients suffering from the same—or at least a similar—issue to the one you have. In particular, you might benefit from advanced Neurogenx treatment.
  • How Life Choices May Affect Your Nerves Your nerves allow you to do anything in life. Of course, what you choose to do in life can affect the health of your nerves!